JaZzzz Salon

Make reservations for the JaZZzz Salon at The Cafe & make sure you sit in the music room ..seating is limited !


  Jan.11th. ,Friday….……images

 Pete Smyser on solo guitar ( 6-9)

           *special vocals Patti Sakdiponephong

Jan. 25th….($10.00)

   ” Tribute to Frank   Sinatra”

Paul Rostock (bass) & Tom Kozic (vocals & guitar)

 Feb.8th… ($10.00)

“Celebrating Valentine’s Day ”

Philly’s legendary tenor sax player

        Larry McKenna &

               Pete Smyser on 7 string guitar


                 * special vocals -Patti Sakdiponephong


Friday, Feb.22nd…($10.00)

    Pete Smyser & Ted LisCafe - Pete & Ted (new poster 3) copy

                   Patti Sakdiponephong on vocals

The Cafe - trio



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