Tearoom House salad  sm- lg.-

Spinach Saladwith Blue Cheese Dressing with walnuts and apples.

Greek Salad – mixed greens with kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, egg, Greek feta, and lemon parmesan dressing,

Avocado and Goat Cheese Salad – with cranberry, sunflower seeds, and balsamic vinaigrette  dressing,

Salad Kag – mixed greens with chicken, egg, potato chips, bean sprouts and peanut dressing,

Salad Nicoise – mixed greens with egg, white tuna, kalamata olives, green beans, potatoe, anchovies, and French vinaigrette  dressing,

Seafood Salad – mixed greens with egg, shrimp, crabmeat, and grain dijon mustard dressing,

(mixed greens – romaine lettuce, carrot, onion, red cabbage, tomato, and cucumber)

Asian Specialties

Vegan Sir-Fried Vegetable with ginger and cashews over rice,

Vegan Fried Rice – with tofu and vegetables.

Vietnamese Rice Noodle – topped with spring roll, peanut, and dipping sauce.

Bowl of Noodles – big bowl of broth with rice noodles and choice of Tofu, Shrimp, Chicken, or Pork.



Cafe Soup of the Day .

Three Mushroom Soup – with a light coconut broth.

Spicy Tofu and Vegetable Soup – vegetarian specialty.

Wonton Soup – wonton paper filled with chicken in a clear pork broth.

Lemon Grass Shrimp Soup – spicy shrimp soup with chili, coconut broth, ginger, and lemon grass.

Chicken Coconut soup – with ginger and lemon grass.



Grilled Chicken Satay – served on a  skewer with peanut sauce.

Spring Roll -deep fried spring roll filled with shrimp, pork, cabbage, vermicelli, and served with a sweet chili sauce.

Vietnamese Rice Roll – rice paper filled with avocado, rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, and fresh mint  w/ peanut dipping sauce

Crispy Shrimp – fried shrimp wrapped in wonton paper served with plum dipping sauce.

Avocado ~ Crab – fresh avocado and crabmeat topped with grain dijon mustard sauce.

Thai Yum Calamari – calamari tossed with mixed greens, chili, lemon grass, fresh mint, and roasted peanut.

Mango – with roasted peanuts, shrimp, tomato, onion, carrot, fresh mint, and a spicy chili dressing.

Silver Noodles – vermicelli with minced pork, white mushroom,onion, carrot, lemon grass, ginger, roasted peanuts, and served with homemade chili dressing.

Mee Krob – shrimp and crispy rice noodles

Shrimp and Crab Cocktail  –

Baked Goat Cheese – diced tomato, Goat cheese, and fresh basil on slice of bread toasted with butter and olive oil.


Lunch Specials 


Chicken Bouchee’ – chicken with cream sauce, swiss cheese, and served in a puff pastry with a side of steamed vegetables.

Soup and Sandwich – choice of any soup on menu and the sandwich of the day.

Shrimp and Crab Pasta – pasta with white wine and Romano cheese.

Chicken, Shrimp, or Tofu Pad Thai – stir fried noodles with egg, carrot, scallion, cabbage, bean sprouts, peanuts, and tamarind sauce.

Spicy Pad Thai Basil – choice of chicken, shrimp, or tofu served with fried rice noodles, chili tamarind sauce, onion, carrot, broccoli, red pepper, cabbage, bean sprouts and Thai basil.

Chicken Red or Green Curry – Thai curry served with a side of rice.  (seafood – )

Pork Panang Curry – Panang curry served with a side of rice.

Spicy Chicken Basil – chicken stir fried with chili garlic sauce and Thai basil.

Chicken Ginger – chicken stir fried  with vegetables, cashews, and sesame garlic sauce.

Fried Rice – with shrimp and crab.


Dinner Specials

Baked Chicken – with ham, gruyere cheese, heart of palm and topped with a cream sauce.

Pork Medallion – with hazelnuts, rosemary & thyme, lightly breaded topped with grain dijon mustard sauce.

Filet of Beef – with mushroom sauce , bearnaise or curry sauce..

Seafood of the evening – Baked Salmon or/ Stuffed Trout.

Rack of Lamb- w/mustard sauce or curry sauce 

Duck Panang Curry – sliced crispy duck simmered in panang curry with fresh pineapple.

Pad Thai – fried rice noodles with egg, carrot, scallions, cabbage, bean sprouts, peanuts, and tamarind sauce with either Chicken , Tofu , or Shrimp .

Spicy Pad Thai Basil –  fried noodles with chili, onion, red peppers, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, bean sprouts, Thai basil, and spicy tamarind sauce, with either Chicken , Tofu , or Shrimp .

Thai Chicken Red or Green Curry –  (Shrimp or Seafood

Spicy Beef Basil – sauted with chili garlic sauce and Thai Basil.

The Cafe Fried Rice – with shrimp, crab, veggies & fresh pineapple.



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